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NDMP Backup

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Hi, I just have install the NDMP option to backup an EMC Celerra. I tasted and it works ok. The question is tha I only see the FS and not their subdirectories or files, how do I see that? The workarround a made is to write the entire address, is that the only way I can do that or there is an other way


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The premise of NDMP is to back up an entire volume, not selected folders within.  You may be able to use exclusions though to not back up certain directories, though I have not tried.


If you want greater control of what you are backing up, you wouldnt use NDMP which is pretty restrictive as it is.  I rather dislike the protocol personally.  You would just backup the CIFS shares instead.  Though it's slower as CIFS is a pretty inefficient protocol, that is unless your device supports SMB2