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Need to get 12.5 Remote Agent for Exchange

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Been working on an issue with Incremental backups failing for our Exchange server due to error: 0xe000035e.
 After reseach I found the following:   Basically its a known issue and the only work around is to try and downgrade the remote agent from 2010 to 12.5.   Well, I have not been able to find how to aquire the remote agent.   Anyone have a link or location that I can get this from?   Also, I was wondering if anyone had experiance with this and did this cause any further issues?


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Link to download BE12.5

You will find the agent within the ISO

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You will have to download BE 12.5 & then once downloaded in that go to winnt -install- you will see raws32 & raws64 folder so depending on 32 or 64 bit version you can copy them over & then install verion 12.5 remote agent


To download verison 12.5 please click on link below

BE 12.5 Installer -
BE 12.5 SBS Installer -


Thank You

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Hi there,


You can refer the following documents before downgrading BE

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Thanks for all the responses, I will review and update my progress.

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@RRE yeah I saw those articles yesterday while researching the issue and checked them out.   Our full and incremental are using a policy so the selection names are the same.   I also checked the writer for any failures/errors and it did not report any.  

Due to the time it takes to run a full backup, I am pushing a new remote agent for 2010 this weekend and seeing what its behavior is.  I will then based on its failure or sucess try the downgrade.   I know when we deployed 2010 the agents we had that were not upgraded had issues with selection lists.  One report I found here with this same process the user reports that when the backup runs with the downgraded client it caused the mailbox stores to dismount.   So I am a bit nevous just jumping on that one.

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Hey Will ,



Did You tried this 


1) create a new Policy for FULL & Incremental

2) Create a new selection list

3) Associate the selection list with the policy to create 2 new jobs

4) Run a full backup & then Incremental  ---- if you are getting success , run the incremental for couple of days to verify results


Strategy -- Weekly FULL & Daily Incremental