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Backup from SAN share has stopped working

Level 3



The situation as was.  Running BE 12.5 we were backing up a share on an IBM N3600 SAN. 

Our uber-network guy set this up.  His credentials were being used on the SLA account while somebody else (a Domain admin) was running the job.


Unfortunately the ubernetwork guy is not with us at the moment and the backup job has fallen over.  It gives the following error:


0xe000fe29 - Authentication failed on connection to the server.  Make sure that the user account has the appropriate permissions and that the password was typed correctly.

...and...  "The media server was unable to connect to the remote agent on machine  The media server will use the local agent to try to complete the operation.  Access is denied to Remote Agent.  Check the log-in account for the specified device."

The job is running under a domain admin's account.  If I test the credentials for the job I get: "Failure: The BAckup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Systems is not installed on the remote computer, or is not running, or is not the correct version." on the root i.e.

However, the credintials for the file share itself as flagged as successful.

We temporarily enabled the uberguy's admin account but the job still gives the same errors.

I've  recreated the SLA account with a current domain admin account and set the Backup Exec Services to match following this>



I set the SAN backup job to run under the SLA as I understood that this was necessary where the Remote Agent could not be installed.  This gives an straight access denied message.  All of our regular server based backups are running fine it is just this  SAN one that isn't working.


I've downloaded and burnt to disk BE 2010 (which we have the SAN add-in for) but the license doesn't start for another ten days.  Being a lowly desktop technician I am extremely loathe to try and upgrade the BE software because it may not work and might bork the Backup Server plus the functioning jobs.  The one bright spot is that our NAS backup solution is still trudging along like a trooper.


If anybody can suggest a solution to this I would be extraordinarily grateful. 


Level 6


Once I had a similar issue;

Verify if Outlook is the default IE e-mail program.

Level 3


Outlook Express is the default.  Why would it be causing a problem?