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No access remote cluster server

I use BE11d for windows servers. Our server cluster config consists of 2 servers set up as a cluster with a shared storage. A third server is the backup server to witch the tape recorder is connected. All servers are identical Dell PowerEdge 2950's, the shared storage is the Dell PowerVault MD3000i & the taperecorder is the Dell PowerVault TL2000. The idea is to back up the data of the shared storage of the cluster to the tape recorder. BE11.0d is installed on the third server (NOT in the cluster). The software was delivered together with the hardware.

During the installation all correct measures ware taken to ensure the installation of the remote agents to the other 2 servers. Finally while attempting to back up the software running on the backup server is succesfully locating the shared storage and a backup job is created but...


After about 3 minutes i get the notification : "The job failed with the following error: Access to a device was not authorised with this edition of Backup Exec."


When i try backing up directly from the Backup server all goes well. But when backing up from the 2 cluster servers i always get this error.


We received a Licence Key form from Dell with s/n for:


- Backup Exec 11d for Windows Servers

- Key for use with Continuous Protection Server

- BEWS 11d Intelligent Disadter Recovery Option - Unlimited Clients

- BEWS 11d Advanced Disk Based Option

- BEWS 11d Desktop and Laptop Option 10 Desktops/Laptops


Please advise


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Re: No access remote cluster server

Remote agent License's  are missing ...