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Not able to write backups of virtual machines

Level 2

Hello guys,

I'm facing a problem which i can't fix myself without assistance.

I have BackupExec 15 Running on Windows Server 2012R2 and want to BackUp virtual machines on a vCenter-Server 6.0. One important note is, the BackUps where working, but a colleague had to reinstall the vCenter Server due to critical issues with the previous installation.

Now the situation is:

When i want do BackUp a virtual machine i get the error-message

Auftragsprotokoll: BEX_SRV-BA01_03120.xml

Sichern- SRV-BA01
V-79-57344-38366 - VDDK-Warn: VixDiskLibVim: Login failure. Callback error 18000 at 2439. Für den virtuellen Computer '(DC)Datacenter(DC)\vm\ab-xp_pc-matout' konnte kein stillgelegter Snapsh... V-79-8192-38335 - Beim Sperren der virtuellen Maschine für den Backup-/Wiederherstellungsvorgang ist...


I took a look at the login Accounts an tested them successfully. The machines are running and Backup Exec Agent is installed. The Login-Account of BackUps Exec has the required rights on vCenter Server. But if I try to run a BackUp, this message is the result.

Can anybody please give me some advice?
Best Marcel.


Level 3


Please confirm if you are able to create a snapshot of this virtual machine manually from vCenter. If the snapshot fails check if the VMware tools on this VM are updated.

Also check if the same version of vCenter was installed or if any updates are applied. Backup Exec 15 FP4 or later support vCenter version upto vCenter 6.0 Update 2.

You can also try backing up directly from ESXi host to confirm if this VM can backed up.

Hi MIL1,

I made snapshots via vCenter.

The version of vCenter is the same, i used the same setup-iso.

I wrote backup of one of the machines directly from esxi, bot when I want to use the vCenter Server as datasource, the error occur.

Best Marcel.

Level 6
Partner Accredited

I know the question seems stupid but I have you tried to login to the vcenter with account which you specified in BE job ?

Under certain circumstances, you have to destroy the BE logon account for the VC and recreate it (at the vCenter lvel and at BE level).