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PRODUCT ENHANCEMENT (FIX): Veritas Update to work with proxies...

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Come on guys! Having your update system not able to work with network proxies is really quite a bizarre decision. Network proxies are industry wide and would, no doubt, be used at the majority of your customer's sites. Why on earth would you drop this from your update tool, in the first place!?


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a workaround for now would be to update the BE service account with the one used for proxy authetication and check if you are able to perform the autoupdate. Refer
Having said that the point is noted

Thanks for the quick response Gurvinder. What Veritas have effectivley done, by dropping proxy support, from the update tool, is to make the update tool usless, or at least a pain in the proverbial to use, for most of their clients. If this is your intended goal, why not simply remove the update tool from the product all together?