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Problem with Duplicate Job after successful B2D-Job

Level 3

I'm having a problem with duplicate jobs:

Following scenario:

1 media server (BE2010) - CASO, all jobs are planned here and will be delegated to the other servers
1 media server (BE2010) with a RAID enclosure for B2D
1 media server (BE2010) with an Eternus LT60 tape library

I planned a weekly B2D full backup and daily incremental backups.
Furthermore, I planned duplicate jobs of the B2D-jobs to the media server with the library.

B2D runs perfectly well, but the duplicate jobs won't start at all. They just stayed in a 'ready' state, even if I try to start them manually.
No error will show up, nor any other message, they just stayed 'ready' and nothing happens.

Has anyone any suggestion on this issue?

thanks in advance,

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
CASO MMS is the environment where you can delegate the job from one caso server to other MMS server.

I don't think duplicate of one media server running on B2D can go to the other server where library is connected. If you want to duplicate the data from disk to tape then tape library should also be connected to the same server.