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Creating an alias using an existing client

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Hi Guys,

We have an RAC Environment and we have to create aliases, So far is working fine; today we needed to add an alias using an existing client (folder created with images inside).

When we run this command: 

bpclient - client racname - add_alias racclient1
The output is correct because racclient1 doesn't exist in the images folder.

but when we run the same command

bpclient - client racname - add_alias racclient2

It fails because racclient2 exists, I renamed folder racclient2 to racclient2_old and the command is successful but now I do not see any images (Backup, Archive and restore window) when I try to restore even though I copied all images back to racclient2. Does anyone face this problem??



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just curious do you see images when you browse racclient1  ?

also when you copy images from racclient2_old to racclient2, did you preserve the timestamp of the files? i wounder if timestamp is modified when you copy them it may have impact 

Hi @AndresV 

I think you have copied the images for racclient2 to the incorrect location - they need to now live in the racclient directory. 

All that should exist in the images directory for an alias is the ALTPATH file which contains the location where to find the images. So you run the restore window, it sees the ALTPATH directoive and goes there to look for images (ignoring anything else). 

The time stamp of the image files is not really relevant or critical (but unless you did something unusual, Windows would have preserved the original timestamp).