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DR procedures with duplicated backup images

Level 2

Hello everyone.

I have the following scenario in NetBackup 10.3 environment

Primary Server (FLEX but now BYO for testing): Fails in a disaster.
Media Server 1 (FLEX but now BYO for testing): Located in the same environment as the primary server; also destroyed in the disaster.
Media Server 2 (BYO) - DR Media: Located in a separate location.
SLPs: Configured to send the primary backup copy to Media Server 1 (MSDP) and duplicate to Media Server 2. The same configuration applies to Advanced Disks.
I have a Red Hat server in the DR Media environment, synced with DR packages, and ready to become the new primary server. I've also wrote a script that takes hostname and IP of the destroyed primary server.

Testing the configuration seems successful. However, I cannot recover the catalog during the failover process because the new primary server attempts to restore it from the now-destroyed Media Server 1 (copy 1).


1 - How can I configure the new primary server to recover the catalog from Media Server 2 (copy 2)?
2 - Are there specific procedures for this type of disaster recovery scenario?

Thank you so much!!


Level 5

I am not sure if I understood your question properly,but if you are saying that you have one master server and two media server in two different sites, (netbackup split domain) have a look at below site

specifically the last scenario, should be your case.


Good luck

This is a helpful article, and the scenario aligns well with my own setup. While I'm not currently using tape libraries at the DR site, I think I can adapt the solution to fit my needs. I'll investigate further and provide an update.

If anyone else has some interesting tips for my case, please share them!

The article was very interesting. However, I have a few difficulties now:

1) I manually added the media server (mbemmcmd -addhost...) that received duplicate backup images from the primary server that was destroyed. So, they are copy 2. But how do I create the storage server that actually accesses those images? Is the PureDisk deduplication tool the right choice?


2) Once the catalog restore is done, will I still be able to perform the restore even if NetBackup assigns a different media ID (the previous one was @aaaab, now it's @aaaac

Thank you very much for the help.