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Problems installing

I just purchased Backup Exec 16.  I have installed on one server using the typical install.  I then added four servers to install agents.  On two of those machines, it seems all went well.  In Backup Exec under servers it shows these servers as connected.  One machine had a warning that said I needed to install somethign else first and I did and then the agent showed a successful install.  The fourth machine, which is remote to my location (and is running Server 2003) would not auto install in this method.

So I have two servers with issues.  On the first machine (local to the Backup Exec Server), It seemed to install (also server 2003) but under Servers and Virtual Hosts is shows me "connection not established".  No matter what I do, it will not connect.

On the server server (remote) I can do a manual install on the server, but when I click "Publishing" on that remote server, it gives me an error "Cannot obtain settings for the agent for windows publishing from the registry".

I really want to get the agents installed on the tsop servers.  Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: Problems installing

BE 16 does not support Server 2003