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RAWS 12.5 SP3 connection problems

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About 4 weeks ago we migrated our Backup Exec 12.5 SP3 Server from a x86 hardware to a x64 hardware as mentionned in the Syamntec KB articles. In the first place everything seems to work allright, but afterwards we can´t backup our two DMZ servers anymore.

One of these servers can be contacted and the backup starts. During the backup the job is displaying that it takes snapshots and then fails with the error:

"e000fe30 - Es trat ein Kommunikationsfehler auf". (Server is in German).

The other server can not be contacted anymore. The error displayed:

"e0009b61 - Die Identifikationsdaten für das angegebene Login-Konto sind ungültig. Vergewissern Sie sich, dass der Benutzername und das Kennwort richtig sind, und versuchen Sie es erneut.  Zusätzliche Informationen zu diesem Fehler finden Sie unter der Verknüpfung V-79-57344-39777"

 which means that the login credentials are not valid, but they are valid


We can ping boot servers from the new backup server and doing a nslookup, but there seems some further errors. How can i diagnose the agents and the connections to the server to deal with this problem?


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Are your servers in the DMZ publishing correctly to the new server? You can log onto each 1, open up the RAWS agent and check that the media server's IP address/name is in the Publishing tab. Restart RAWS if you make any changes.

Also, did you perhaps run LiveUpdate on the media server to install the latest patches and then push-install them to the remote servers?



Level 2

What we did so far:

We uninstalled and reinstalled the RAWS on the Server, and then we added manually the new Backup Server ( Name, FQDN and IP-adress).  Then we tried to backup and we got the same errors. We examined the typical ports ( 10000 NDMP Port) on the backup server and on the DMZ servers.Everthing looks like it should be, as far as we with our knowledge know.

But we can not find any diagnostic logs on the DMZ server, therefore we can not tell if the connection is allright.