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Remote Agent wont install on Server 64 and i hate Veritas

Level 2

Hi all,

I am using backup exec 10D with SP4 and im having an issue installing the remote agent on my 64 bit servers. I followed the KB article to install via the RANT folder on my media server, which is a 32 bit server. But, I get an error that says the .exe is valid but the machine type is wrong. This server is a Dell PowerEdge 2950 and is a very common server and has a quad 2.66 GHZ XEON CPU.

Any ideas?? I called Symantec support and was treated like total garbage because I didn’t have a “ support contract.”  The Symantec rep. on the phone was rude and for no reason, became mean and nasty..he is lucky I don’t know where he lives..anyways any help would be cool guys..thanks!!!