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Remove BE server from domain

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Hi, is it possible to remove the backup exec server from the domain without needing to re-install/reconfigure?

It was originally setup as a domain joined server but most recommendations now seem to advise having the server as a non domain server. If i just remove it from the domain, will it all still work or is there a load of hard wired settings that use the fqdn of the sever etc?



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BE is designed to be part of a domain because of the numerous permissions needed to do backups and restores.  If you remove the BE Server from the domain, you would encounter numerous problems during your operations.

Hi, thanks for the reply - surely that is the point in being able to have various login credentials, that the BE server does not need to be part of a domain to backup a server, it just needs the right credentials.

I completely agree with pkh
Can you share these "recommendation" you are referring too, please.

Do a quick google search and you'll find countless articles saying non domain backup server is best practice - not necessarily for Backup Exec but certainly for many rival products. If your domain is compromised then so is your backup server and your backups. If your backup server is not domain joined then you have that extra layer of protection.

As per my point above, if you have the right credentials in Backup Exec, what would stop you successfully backing up and restoring anything...

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Do let us know your experiences after removing the BE Server from the domain.

I'm hoping to get more info on the subject before going ahead. Do you have any specific reasons why you say it will have issues? Particularly in response to my first reply?

The admin guide does not list a domain install as a requirement.

Permissions of remote servers should not be an issue as the admin guide and website both have instructions on protecting computers from other domains and workgroups.