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Restores for Dedup Fail with Error 0xe000810b

Final error: 0xe000810b - Physical Volume Library Drive not found. Final error category: Backup Device Errors


But I can restore from the actual OST if I browse to it from within Devices > deduplication Store then by date, choose an OST from the list around the time I want - this is only so far giving me the file structure, but I am playing around with this just now.


So, it would seem to me that the data is still there (I sure hope so!) but the catalogue is corrupt...


I am running Backup Exec 2010 R3


Can anyone help please?

2 Replies

it seems the Verify option is

it seems the Verify option is choosed in you backup Job .

Please try to install the hotfix 173790

If you are able to restore it

If you are able to restore it by even right clicking on OST then it seems the data is there and catalog is also intact. Something else may be causing it. Can you ensure you have BE all patched ?