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Shared Folder sharing problem

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Hi All

I have 2 x Windows 2008R2 media servers running 2010 with all the latest hot fixes. one is a CASO and one is a managed media server. i created a Storage folder for Deduplication on each media server and shared each folder with each media server. on the CASO GUI i can see both devices under the CASO server. on the managed media server i can only see it's own local storage folder. when i try to share the folder the CASO server is already ticked but it doesn't seem visible.

Has anyone any suggestions as to what is wrong.

So far I have deleted the storage folder, removed deduplication licenses and reinstalled, but the same issue remains.


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Is this expected behaviour for storage folders?

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Hi Mark!

Did you find any solution to this cause we're expierincing the same thin but reverse. On the CASDO server we can't see the Managed Media Servers Dedup folder but on the Managed Media Server we can see the shared dedupfolder from CASO.

Symantec support hasn't been able to help at all in this case so far.


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I know that I'm replying to an old post, but this is a tip that worked for me and hopefully helps anybody else that experiences this. 

I could manage each of the servers by their name and IP address from the CASO, but I was experiencing the exact same issue that the first poster had.  I could see the shared folder on the CASO, but the remote media servers couldn't see the shared dedupe folder on the CASO.  I had to add server name and IP address to each servers host file.  After that, I restarted the BE services and it worked.  I have no idea why this was the solution because my DNS was working perfectly.