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Support for Exchange 2019 with Backup Exec™ 20.3

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Backup Exec 20.3 supports backup and restores of Exchange 2019 databases and mailboxes.

Exchange 2019 can be installed on Windows 2016 and Windows 2019 with Core/Desktop Experience too. Recommended OS for Exchange 2019 is Windows 2019 core which provides the most secured platform for Exchange.

Backup Exec 20.3 supports Exchange 2019 on Windows 2016/2019 on core as well as desktop experience. Backup Exec 20.3 provides the capability to restore databases as well as granular restores of mailboxes as well as single mails. For Exchange DAG, Backup Exec takes a backup from the passive copy if not available, from active copy (default behaviour). You have the option to back up from active/passive copy specifically.

The Veritas Backup Exec Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server (Exchange Agent) lets you integrate backups of Microsoft Exchange Server databases with network backups without separate administration or dedicated hardware.

The Exchange Agent provides the following features:

  • Restore individual items from backups for which you enable Granular Recovery Technology (GRT).
  • Restore to a PST file.
  • Restore public folders.
  • Restore a database to a specific drive and a path.
  • Recreate a mailbox account.
  • Search for a specific message to restore.
  • Restore individual databases from snapshot backups by using the Recovery Database feature in Exchange Server 2010 or later.
  • Seeding of an Exchange Server database copy. Seeding adds a database copy to a location on another mailbox server in a database availability group (DAG).
  • Off-host backup with Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) for Exchange Server.


GRT and Microsoft Exchange Web Services

Backup Exec uses Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS) to support the Granular Recovery Technology feature. EWS provides support for the restore of individual mailboxes, mail messages, and public folders from the Exchange server. You do not need to install the MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects package if you use EWS.


We have been actively working with Microsoft to validate Exchange 2019 preview builds to support the final production build.


Exchange Backup method

Backup Method.jpg


Restore of Exchange Databases

Restore Exchange Database.jpgRestore Exchange Database.jpg


Restore of individual items/mailboxes

Restore Individual Mailbox.jpg


Re-directed restore to a .pst file

Re-direct to PST.jpg


Search for individual items




BE 20.3 Blog, Announcement by Mikko Nykyri

BE 20.3 Blog, Small Step Towards GDPR Compliance by Sudhir Subbarao

 Support for Microsoft Server 2019


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Level 2

Exchange 2019 can not be installed on Windows Server 2016.

I think this means that if you want a granular backup of Exchange the Backup Exec media server has to be installed on an equal or greater (more recent) Windows Server version.