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Symantec Backup Exec 2010

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We have two site on one site we are running symantec backup Exec 2010 and now we want to create 2nd site with Symantec Backup Exec 2012 and we want if our one site fail then we restore our Data backup on anther site can some one tell me 2010 backup tape are comptable with 2012 and 2012 with 2010.... 


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Hi If you have backup done with BE2010 and want to restore that with BE2012, yes they would be compatible. Just have to do inventory and catalog. Thanks

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You will be able to restore the tapes in BE 2012 which are backed up in BE 2010 .

But the restore of tapes which are backed up in BE 2012 may give problems for restore in BE 2010.

I would suggest you to have both the sites at the same version.




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Backup Exec is backward compatible so you can restore BE2010 tapes through BE2012.

Other way round should also work since the data on tapes is stored in .MTF format and the

catalog file format is also the same in both the versions of BE.


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Maybe it could be interesting to update both installation to BUE2012 and configure a CASO (Central Administration Server Option)?

In this manner you should be able to perform catalog centralisation and replication..

Prerequisite is that both servers are at the same software version.