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Symantec Central Admin....


After long time back I am back.......smiley

Ok comming straight to the topic...

I have the following details:-

1. BE 2012 SP1 on MS Windows 2008 R2.

2. Tape Library (4 nos. of FC drive).

3. SAN switch (2 nos.).

4. SAN Storage.

5. LUN are mounted in different servers(7-8 nos. of servers) from the storage. These LUN are taken backup.


Now, we are currently taking LAN based backup from all these server to tape library.

Speed..defently a issue. As data size are around 1 TB apprx. on each server and thses data need to be backed up every day (Full backup).

Which defently a big deal for us.

Now, we are upgrading to Enterprise License.

And planning to install the media server on each server so that we can put the data directly to the tapes.

I have check the below link for my further referance:- (How CASO works)   (Installation of CASO) (Diagram and working of CASO) (Best Practices)

Is there any best practrices experiance and thing need to be checked or any other pre-requisists.

Please, provide me the ways ...

And please let me know the linkf from where I can download the software.

Any case studies...


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Hello Mrinal, You might want

Hello Mrinal,

You might want to refer to the following article for your queries related to the CAS/MMS feature in Backup Exec 2012: 

1. Best practices for Backup Exec 2012 Central Admin Server Option:

2. Upgrading to Central Administration Server Option 2012:

As far as downloading the application is concerned, all you need to do is to add the Enterprise Server Option(ESO) option to your existing Backup Exec 2012 installation and it would enable the CAS/MMS feature. 

Hi mrinal,   CASO is only 1

Hi mrinal,


CASO is only 1 part of this, and would be used for central management. The component you are really interested in for your particular scenario is SAN Shared Storage Option (SAN SSO) which has been missed in the post above mine.

CASO won't give you the ability to backup another media server directly to an FC-attached tape drive at all. SAN SSO, licensed through ESO, will. CASO would delegate jobs etc, but not share a tape library. SAN SSO accomplishes this, and allows a number of media servers to access the tape library as if each had exclusive access to the library. The Primary SAN SSO server will control this, with each remote server having a full installation of BE on it with associated application licenses and LEO licenses.

Read the technical brief below to get a better understanding of it, and check out the link on what SAN SSO is:



Hi, Here is the license


Here is the license currently I am having...


As u can see the licesne..

Suggest for the same..

We have 8 servers..


Hi, While the ESO license


While the ESO license is correct, having 4 x RAWS agents won't work. BE needs to be installed on those servers that need to access the FC-attached tape library. Since this is a full installation of BE, you'd need that number of licenses for the number of servers you want to backup directly across the SAN.

Your best bet for reference is on the TN below:

For confirming the licensing requirements, you can contact the SYmantec licensing department. But the TN above states that SAN SSO is for multiple media servers to connect to a shared device.


Hi, I have installed CASO on


I have installed CASO on the master server and installed managed Media server (BAckup exec Server) to all client server...

SAN Switch 's Zone is configured so that all client server can access it's required tape drive through SAN.

I have used the option(at the time of BE installation remotly from CASO) so the all server will be managed centrally but restricted the catalog database not to be shared.

I guess that was english..wink


Hi, As I mentioned


As I mentioned earlier...

That the speed is the issue.

we have around lakhs of small files (2-5 GB size each) .

We have LTO4 tape library with 4 FC drives.

We have 4 GBps SAN switch.

And we have 2 FC port in each server. One fc port is used for storage connectivity and one is used for backup.

We have seperate SAN switch (port zone configured, non WNC) for backup.

(i.e. 6 SAN zone , where 4 zone for server ; 1 zone for tape ; 1 zone for backup).

the data size is neare about 1.5 TB to 2 TB.

The above data's backup form each server is taking near about 23-24 hrs.

Is there any this need to be done in BE or any other recomendation.



Does lakh refer to thousands

Does lakh refer to thousands or millions...?

Could be that there is stop/start on the drive due to the number and size of the files.

How fast are you backups for a flat-file?


Hi, please, find the answare


please, find the answare as per ur query.

Does lakh refer to thousands or millions...? -There are about millions files and 8-9 Thousands folders

Could be that there is stop/start on the drive due to the number and size of the files. - I have no idea. Please, elaborate this technology.

How fast are you backups for a flat-file? - Backup speed is bit confusing. One server' s speed is 4000-5000 MB/min and sone are 1500 MB/min some are 900 MB/min ....



OK, so this is easily-enough

OK, so this is easily-enough explained now...

1. Flat-file backups like databases allow a tape drive to run at up to the fastest speed it can. There is no interruption in the data being streamed from disk to tape. So throughput is expected to be much higher.

2. Having millions of small files creates a stop-start effect on the tape drive. It writes a file of a couple of MB, waits for the next file which it writers, waits for the next file which it writes etc. Data that isn't streamed fast enough or consistently enough means the drive has to wait. Read below for a detailed explanation:

3. Using fibre channel in this type of configuration won't help you unless you utilise the ESO option of BE 2012 and invoke SAN SSO (which means you need to have Backup Exec 2012 installed on any other remote servers that have access to the SAN). You'd end up being able to stream these servers directly to the shared tape library (which you say is FC-attached) at much higher speeds than the LAN. Read below on this:

Give those a read...


Hi, As I have mentioned that


As I have mentioned that I have installed BE 2012 as Mnagment Media Serevr on the remote server and data can be directly pushed to the tape drive via SAN switch.

And along I have used a seperate SAN switch and different HBA port (FC) to seperate the storage and backup traffic.

So now what ...any thing in the SAN swict or some thing in the tape drive....


Any suggestion...