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System Error "ID: 20035; Source: Rasman

Level 3
We have a problem with Drivers for Veritas Tape drive drivers Version (Compaq SDLT320 SCSI Sequential Device)

Problem Description:

After We install drivers Version after reboot we get a

System Error "ID: 20035; Source: Rasman"(Remote Access Connection Manager failed to start because it could not create buffers. Restart the computer. Access is denied.)

1st scenery.

We replace c:\WINNT\system32\drivers\0dlttape.sys file witch we took from server with no errors. Files were different in capacity and versions. But Date of release are different only for few hours.

When file was replaced and Server restarted version of driver stayed 5.0.

After Second reboot driver version changed to (but was using new file witch is version is 5.0)with no Errors. Pictures can be sended if requaired.

2nd scenery

Through Microsoft Windows Update site Quantum Driver (Driver Provider Microsoft, Driver version 5.0.2195.6717)was downloaded and installed after restart there was no "Rasman" errors and driver stayed the same.

Main question is what to do. What if after next reboot we will get same error again.

Can we get a proper driver witch is not required such manipulation for correction or maybe we doing something wrong.

Level 6
Hello there,

We suggest you to install the latest device drivers from the following link:

Related document:

We hope the latest updated drivers resolve the issue.

Thank You.

Level 6
Assuming the solution provided is correct and there is no response from the customer for 2 days now

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We have got the same problem.
Do you have a new driver that runs without problems?

If not, where do i get the Microsoft/Quantum Driver from Windows Updates. I don´t get it under windows updates.