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The system service Backup Exec Job Engine

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Asking for your help,

I have currently installed backup exec 15 on a Windows Server 2008 using a TL2000 powervault.

From one day to another, the server is stopped, no longer performing backups to tape my unit generating the following:

Error: e00081d9 - The system service Backup Exec Job Engine

Currently, I have carried out the following actions to solve the problem:
I restarted the service from the operating system and console BE15 without results, what happens is that the service remains in standby and does not change status to started.

I forced the computer to restart or inicar the service from the exe file

I updated the windows server and installing repaired BE15

all these actions have not yielded positive results and I do not know what else to do.

Another query I have is:
What should I do if I take the decision to reinstall the operating system BE15; to restore the information that I have stored on my tapes


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Don't post the same problem twice.  This the same as

If the problem is urgent, call up Veritas support and log a support case.