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Users on my network

Level 2
When I delete or deactivate a user in active directory, unless I uncheck that user folder in Backup Exec, I get an error. Directory not found. Can not backup directory and its subdirectories.

Is there a way that BE does this automatacally?
Doeas anyone have a better solution.

Level 5
The same seems to be true with Exchange 2000 mailboxes for disabled users.

Level 2
Yes that is correct! But is there a solution to the problem?
It just makes it look like your backups fail, if you forget to uncheck the user folder or the exchange mailbox.

Thank You

Level 6
This could happen if you are using the old selection list from the old job setup and its referring to the server name/Folder name/directory/Mailboxes which no longer exists.

Cause: "TEXT VIEW" selection never get updated and hence has to be deleted manually.

We like you to make sure:

If its an old selection list then -follow these step:
There are two modes of selection in Backupexec console.
1) Graphical Mode.
2) Text Mode.

In the Backupexec selection Pane,(On the top right hand side) Under VIEW FORMAT on the top right hand side, Click on the TEXT mode, and make sure server name/Folder name/directory/Mailboxes which no longer exists but still reflected in the text view mode is delted.

Level 5
I've been unhappy with this Veritas "feature" for several years. V10 is a little better with the "Completed with exceptions" message. In my world, removing legitimate data items from the backup schedule is not an option. It should not be considered by anyone with a concern for legal issues. It's one thing to take qmgr0 and qmgr1 out of the backup. It's entirely different when you take a former employee out.

With Windows server I suspect our only option is to enable the accounts with a secure (i.e. long, complicated and undocumented) password and change the account description to indicate it is a disabled account.

I likewise don't want to spend the time playing with Veritas error messages. I don't have the time and I don't want the application to play differently over time. Better yes, different for cosmetic reasons, no.