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Write Protection

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I have an issue where I have two servers, A and B.  A hosts backupexec and B hosts my data, both Server 2012R2.  A simply backs up the volume where the data resides on B.  When I perform simple things like a restart after a patch, I always have problems.  Either the B2D doesn't come back online or, like now, the source volumes to backup no longer appear in the servers.

After some calls to BackupExec and digging around, the answer seems to be to delete the changer.cfg and folder.cfg.  However, the files continiously remain write protected ( I have full administrator rights).  I've removed Lockdown mode, the B2D location in BackupExec, restarted my server, verified in DiskPart the disk isn't read-only and still cannot delete them.

Any thoughts?


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Are you using a Domain Admin account for the BE services account?

No the account is a service account that is configured to login as a local admin.  I know that the account has worked previously.

I've been able to start my system in Safe Mode and mange the file strucutre fine, but booting normally still causes the disk to be write protected.  With some assistance from other admins, I was told to identify any startup drivers that may be causing this issue with fltmc.exe.  I believe that Vertias has a driver that starts up and write protects the disk on boot. I was not able to unload the driver.  Additionally, Veritas has an article on this subject.  Although I am not getting these same errors, their descriptions are similar.

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Try that TN and see if it helps, but the recommendation from Veritas is to use a Domain Admin Account wherever possible.