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backing up a "backup to disk" file...

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We have recently manipulated our daily backup to tape job due to the fact that the job was running for way too long, and was extending into the working day hours...

Now we are backing up the daily data we require backed up on a daily basis to a "disk file" on the Veritas Backup Exec server - which takes much less time. Then, during the daytime, we are backing up this disk file to tape.


1) If I wanted to restore just one file from the tape (lets say I needed to restore a file from several days prior), would I have to restore the entire disk file from the tape to the computer's hard disk first, and then restore the file(s) I need to resotre from that restored backup disk file? OR can I somehow restore a file directly from the tape - even though the file on the tape is a "disk backup file" that has been backed up to tape? (get my drift???)

2) The Veritas Backup Exec server is a Win2K3 server - which also happens to be our backup domain controller. A few users have complained about network speed since we started backing up to tape during the day - but a few other things have also been done and I am not so sure that the backup job is causing the issue. Would you think we could be adversely affecting network speed when running a backup to tape job on a server that is also a backup domain controller? Please note that the backup job is NOT backing up any files remotely. The daily backup to tape job is simply backing up files from the machines hard disks to the SCSI tape autoloader device attached directly to that machine...

Any help in this matter would be gretly appreciated!



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1.) You don't want to backup the *.bkf files to tape. Rather you want to 'duplicate' the the disk backup to tape. This recompiles the disk based backup onto tape while updating the Backup exec catalog, so that you can restore individual files like an ordinary tape based backup. Open up the help menu within Backup exec and search on duplicate to learn more.

2.) A local backup to tape on a DC is going to tax the disk I/O which may slow down paging memory to disk. This could be perceived by a user as slow network response for login authentication and applying group policies. But, then again maybe not.

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1) Thanks for that... I am glad I found that out!!! Now for the question... Will doing a "duplicate" cause the backup job to run longer than what I am currently doing? Sounds like maybe a bit more overhead involved...

2) No, they are saying that accessing drawings from a completley different network server seems slower - but I say phewy on that because the job is done right now and the speed is the same when opening a drawing now as it was when the job was still running - and it's not slow at all really...

One more question I forgot to ask in teh first post... Regarding backing up our Exchange 2000 database...

On our daily job, when I select the Exchange server, I am only selecting the mailboxes and public folders. There is also the "store" listed. I am not selecting that for the daily job, but I do for the Sunday full backup job. Is it ok to omit the "store" and simply select the appropriate mailboxes and public folders? Doesn't the store incorporate both these anyway so why select that as well?

Thanks again,


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Just to add to your posts, I created a dedicated backup server which does 2-disk backups and 2-tape backups. It also functions as a backup domain controller. I think backup solutions are getting to the point where they need their own machine to function on ().

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Ya, I think I agree with you. Are you seeing issues on your netowrk with your setup?

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I think the network is suffering less now that the backup server is on its own. When the tape drive freezes (every now and then), I just switch it off and on again. Can't just do that on the DC, can you?

All backups are now 2Disk, so it's quicker to backup. Oh, we now have three less backup tapes (2x DAT72 & 1xDLT160)!!!! Everything is now on one tape 8-))

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Hi Brad,

Following Technote may help you further >

How to duplicate backup sets in Backup Exec 9.x and 10.x for Windows Servers

Update us on the same and revert for any further Query
Hope this will help you

Thank you

Additional Information :
For information on the recent VERITAS Backup Exec security vulnerabilities, including links to the downloads for the necessary hotfixes, please refer to the following document:
Patch summary for Security Advisories VX05-001, VX05-002, VX05-003, VX05-005, VX05-006, VX05-007

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