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how to restore oracle datafiles to another local in the same server

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I need to restore backup of Oracle database in different location the original.I need to restore only the datafiles for the purpose of creating a new instance on the same server. My need is only restore data to another location to then recreate a new instance. Currently when I try to restore to another location, the backup system restores elsewhere, however, it is changing the controlfiles the original database that is in use.

Already worked in the past with Arcserve and it was possible to back up with the Agent for Oracle, however, when it was possible to restore a server choose any disk to restore only the datafile without modifying the active instance.

OS windows 2008 r2
BE 2015 sp1
Oracle 11.2

Paulo Couto


Partner    VIP    Accredited

Hi Paulo,

try duplicating the Oracle backup to disk instead of restoring it. This should leave you with all the flat-files backed up initially, and allow you to do what you need to.