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overwrite protection on new tapes? Must wait 3 weeks for first write?

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Why do my new tapes become overwrite protected when I put it into my "Full" media set (3 weeks, not appendable). It is using Backup exec 10 on a Dell Powervault 132t. LTO2 tapes.
(I can't write to it until 3 weeks after the allocation date which is the date I inserted the tape). I would think they would be writeable off the bat since they are blank. How would I get them to write once inserted without changing the properties of the "Full" media set to something like 1 hour overwrite protection?

It doesn't happen on my other server: BUExec 10 on a Qualstar 8433 using LTO3 tapes. On this server it is automatically "overwriteable" The full media set is configured the same as above.

More facts:
media managment is set to "Partial"
leaving it as "blank media" or erasing it makes no difference.
... Windows 2003 Server platform.

I'm using the barcode reader... so it shows up labeled the way it should. When the tape is inserted, it first comes up "blank media" - scratch media set. I have moved it to Full media set, trying an erase before and after moving it to Full (in two difference instances to fix this issue). Inventorying/cataloging make no difference.

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When you label a tape, it is placed in the Scratch Media set, and is thus available for any job.

When you move any tape into a media set, it immediately takes on all properties of the new media set (OPP and APP) as of the time it is moved. If the OPP is three weeks, it will be three weeks before it can be written to, even if you just labeled it 5 minutes ago.

Label your tapes and let BackupExec move them from scratch into the media set defined for whatever job pulls them.

If you are worried that a Weekly job will pull a Daily tape, set up partitions and change your jobs to point to them rather that "All Pools" or the library itself.


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Though it wasn't the answer I was looking for, it turned out to be a better answer. With such a solution, there are less steps to doing the thing. Thanks a lot Kevin!

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not kevin, but rather Ken :)

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