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useless and becoming more so?

Level 2

The backup exec support section has been historically fairly poor, its now much worse as there appears to be no section to properly search for or download updates and hotfixes. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction for 11d updates and hotfixes, is there a repository or FTP folder?


Level 6
Partner Accredited

You can search in symantec knowledgebase for any kind of information about symantec products.

Try here for hotfixes list:

Backup Exec 11.0 for Windows Servers revision 7170 Service Pack 4:

Service pack 5:

Hotfix 70:

Hope this helps.


Level 2

Thanks that does help but there is nothing at all in the support section which points anyone is that direction, why is the support section so totally crytpic and useless now?

Level 6

From the Product Support page at select "downloads in the upper right

Fillter for 11d along side "Technical Solutions"

the select "patches" in the lower left

All the patches for v11d are displayed in descending date order (newest first)

(I will admit that the old site had a better, more intuitive way of getting there)