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It's great.
My calendar says May the 5th cheeky

i'm gonna win
who won?

And the winner is ..... ?
I think I subscribed but I'm not sure.
its 11th may . who is the lucky winner ?
The winner has been notified, and as soon as I receive confirmation from him, I'll post the name.

You will not see an email notification, but you can always check your profile to confirm what newsletters you will receive.

Can anyone tell me how to change the retention of any schedule in a particular policy through command line when the OS is HP-UX.

Advance thanks for help.
Hi Chitransh,

This is not the correct thread to ask your technical queries.    click on forums and create a new entry there so that the experts will be able to help you with your problem.


Who is the Winner?

Congratulations to hjdiet. The winner of 500 Connect Rewards points for signing up for customized newsletters.