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Notice: The Veritas Perspectives blog has moved. Check out the new Veritas blog on Product specific news and recommendations will still be found here and join the discussion with Veritas experts in VOX groups.

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Posted on May 20, 2022

Veritas celebrates Culture Diversity Day

In recognition of Culture Diversity Day on May 21, a United Nations designated holiday, Veritas is celebrating our first Culture Week from May 19-25. As part of the celebration, hear from some of our ...

Posted on May 11, 2022

Guarantee A Clean Image From Ransomware—Veritas IRE Secure as Default Architecture


Recover your applications quickly with Universal Share and have confidence that you are recovering from a known clean co...

Posted on Apr 21, 2022

Women transforming the future of tech at Veritas—Gayatri Deshpande and Swapna Thete


In a continuing series looking at women at Veritas transforming the future of tech, Gayatri Deshpande and Swapna Thete ...

Posted on Apr 21, 2022

Build multi-layer fortress to protect your data with Veritas Isolated Recovery environment


For the best ransomware resiliency, it is important to not only secure your backup data on immutable storage but also to...

Posted on Apr 12, 2022

Scaling out your existing NetBackup environment has never been so simple


See how easily you can get cloud-like scaling of your existing on-premise NetBackup environment that is ransomware resil...

Posted on Mar 29, 2022

Optimize Veritas Appliance management with predictive analytics


It is essential to have a predictive insights engine to deliver actionable recommendations and tailored insights. The Veritas NetInsights Console is a unified, SaaS-based platform that helps manage yo...

Posted on Mar 28, 2022

What’s new in NetBackup Flex Scale 3.0—The simplest way to securely get NetBackup 10 up and running


Read what’s new in NetBackup Flex Scale 3.0 including NetBackup 10, usability improvements, enhanced security, additiona...

Posted on Mar 25, 2022

Veritas Pune hackathon brings innovation to life


Hackathon 2022, a part of Veritas Illuminate, focuses on innovation and encourages employees to ideate.

Posted on Mar 24, 2022

Backup Exec Reporting Infrastructure


Get an overview of the reporting capabilities of Backup Exec that make Backup Administrator life easier.

Posted on Mar 22, 2022

NetBackup 10 delivers even greater control against cyber threats

Get ready for the release of NetBackup 10 by learning about new and enhanced resiliency features for greater control to reduce your threat profile.

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