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Disable automatic node join after failover


I want to disable the automatic nodes join in the VCS cluster. Once the failed node comes up I should start the VCS service manually. Shal I change the parameter in /etc/sysconfig/vcs from VCS_START=1 to VCS_START=0 ?

Please let me know how I can configure this in VCS InfoScale HA 7.4.1.



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Re: Disable automatic node join after failover

Set VCS_START=0 will prevent VCS annd other had dependent modules from starting up on a system reboot.

Please read this technote for a bot more details on VCS_START

Althuigh the technote mentioned above was for an old version 5.1, the way that this environment variable works has not chnaned.

Please be advised that disableing HAD from startup in system reboot is not a recommended practice as the change disables HA.