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Nodes inaccessible through Veritas cluster manager

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Hello Folks, 


This is quite strange for me. I have configured Veritas Infoscale 7.1 on two of my VMs and they can see each other. I'm also able to ping the VMs IP and VIP from my host computer and from the VMs.

However, when I tried connecting through veritas cluster manager (Java GUI) ver. 7.0, it does not want to connect. Attaching the snaps for reference. 

I have included the ip addresses in c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc of my host computer. HAD is running on both the nodes. 

 Any suggestions please as to why I'm unable to connect ?



Kind regards,




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The cluster service group is online so it doesn't look to be a problem from target server.

I would suggest check out the firewall / security between your desktop/laptop to the host . Are you able to telnet on that port ? is there any local firewall on your desktop/laptop ?



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Hello Gaurav,


Thanks for your reply. Telnet does not work even after enabling the services from Programs and features in control panel.

I have also included Veritas Cluster manager in Windows firewal and allowed access for both public and private. That didn't make any difference. 

I couldn't think of any other restriction that prevents the connection.  Please let me know if you would require any additional logs to check.







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I have disabled my firewall. It's still not connecting. 

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This appears to be a connectivity or firewall issue. Disabiling local firewal may not help if firewall policies are enforeced from outside. Is your host IP and cluster VIP is on the same network? If so, you can probably try using bridge network to connect to your VIP from your host.

You should be able to ping  /telnet to the port 14141 of cluster VIP, if you can fix that then I believe you should be able to connect to your cluster as well.

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If you cannot telnet to port 14141, then the problem is not with VCS.

You need to troubleshoot at OS/network level.

Check OS firewall on cluster nodes as well.
On Linux, stop and disable iptables.