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Resolved! Upgrade VCS 5.0MP3 to VCS 6.0.1

Hi All   My actual Cluster version is VCS 5.0 MP3, i have a request to upgrade it to the version 6.0.1   I wonder if there is any document for this activity or any advice.   I know when the installer run it show options like upgrade, i wonder if this...

Resolved! Service group states

Hi , Env:LINUX VCS when doing an activity i bought 2 non critcal resources offline .them my service group state was partial .Is there any diffrence in a state partial|online and partial ? If we try to bring a critical resource offline the service gro...

shiv124 by Level 4
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Resolved! Reset Password of VCS User in Secure Cluster.

Dear All, Greetings! Recently i have added a VCS user in one of our VCS Cluster which in running in secure mode to access the Java Console. However i did not find any option to set a password for the same. After going thru some article i tried to #ha...

Resolved! Node hungs after heartbeat link failure

Hi I've strange situation in my Lab. I'm trying to test failure secenario for SFHA. I'm runnig SFHA 5.1 SP1 RP3 on RHEL 5.5. When I disconnect all heartbeat one node lost the race and hungs. I've read in admin guide that panicked node restarts and tr...

omiot by Level 3
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Resolved! CPI patches

hi, suggested 5.1sp1 vcs needs to install some CPI  patches. I am having trouble to understand why we need 3 different CPI patches? the instruction is not the most helpful. if i run what the readme say, it brings up the install menu...

IdaWong by Level 4
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VCS does not FAULT LVM2 resources when LUN is removed

  hello:   we have a similar problem with VCS.   we created a LUN on a Clariion and then added the LUN to each Storage Group of two Hosts. each Host has its own Storage Group so that the Host can see only the LUNs in its Group. so, the Host's Storage...

Encrypted CFS on RHEL 6 (SFCFS and Vormetric)

Hey y'all,   My customer is currently using SFCFS 5.1 with Vormetric file system encryption, and not having any issues there. They are trying to implement SFCFS 6.0.2 on Linux and running into HUGE issues with the VxFS CFS and Vormetric. Vormetric ...

fmthard by Level 3
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HI,   I have 2 VMs that runs Server 2008 R2 Standard. I have mapped a LUN as RDM to one of the server. Is there anyway i can loadbalance or share the same drive between the servers at the same time using VRTS STORAGE FOUNDATION HA,/DR 5.1 WIN FOR OS ...

Resolved! VCS ERROR V-16-2-13067 VCS ERROR V-16-2-13073

Environment OS = Solaris10 HA/VCS = 6.0 Problem   Dec 18 14:26:29 PK1PRI AgentFramework[784]: [ID 702911 daemon.notice] VCS ERROR V-16-2-13067 Thread(3) Agent is calling clean for resource(NOTIFIER) because the resource became OFFLINE unexpectedly, o...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Partioning RAID5 logical drives on Dell PowerEdge Servers

we have added SCSI hard drives to our Dell PowerEdge 2600 Server running microsoft server 2003. we have 139GB in the primary partition (logical drive 0) and now have 139GB of unpartitioned space.  what product do i need to add the unparttioned space ...

john-nj by Not applicable
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Add/Delete Remote Cluster is not running via GUI + While Configuring Global Service Group Remote Cluster is not connecting via IP

Environment OS = rhel6.2 SFHA = 6.0 GCO host file is configured on machines under GCO   Add/Delete Remote Cluster is not running via GUI but can be done via command line "VCS error V-16-10-39"   haclus -add remote_cluster_name remote_cluster_ip   Wh...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Can we put any time delay between Resources offline

Environment OS = Solaris 10 HA/VCS = 6.0 Cluster Nodes = Two nodes   There are two resources in my Service Group. Application Resource is Parent and Mount Resource is chlid. I want when my Application Resource gets stop when offline, it takes a calcu...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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how to do if the shared storage disappear in VCS

Hello,    i use VCS to cluster server connected to san with 2 san switch (reduncant to gether) . soon i have to power off one san switch, for  worse case, the questions are -  do i have to stop clustering or unmount shared disk to do so? -  how to do...

tepprawo by Not applicable
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Resolved! How to fsck between import and mounts

Is there a way to define that an fsck command needs to be run on each file system between the time the dg is imported and the file systems are actually mounted?  In case we have an abnormal shutdown we'd like to make sure we check the file systems fo...

sclind by Moderator
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Resolved! Active VCS node fails when reboting passive node

Dear all, I've been asked to manage few asymmetric failover win 2003 systems with Veritas Cluster Server installed in one of this clusters i'm experiencing a failure (service restart and sometimes service freeze)  on the active node when the passive ...