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VCS with NFS

Hi,I am running VCS 3.5/MP3 and configured HA NFS.I have a client host has heavy IO against the NFS mount.When I failover the resource group few times, one of the cluster node got panic.The only workaround I have is to mount the client host via UDP. ...

Servers with bad llttabpowered down

While configuring VCS 4.0MP1 on a 3-node Solaris 8 cluster (actually, fsrac but this is irrelevant), I made a stupid mistake: copied the same /etc/llttab file to all three nodes and rebooted them. As a result, all three had the same node name, and, ...

Max Number of Nodes in VCS 4.0

HelloThe out put from the command "lltstat -nvv" does show all the nodes from 0 to 31. However there are only two nodes in the Cluster, where I executed this command.There seems to be a way, by which you can get rid of the not used nodes from the out...

Rajesh by Level 2
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SNMP support for Volume Cluster and Volume Manager

Hi all, I noticed that Solaris Volume Manager has support for SNMP trap notification.I am not sure if this is the right forum for the question, but does anyone know if Veitas Cluster and Volume Manager also has support for SNMP trap notification?Best...

td98esj by Level 2
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VCS 2.0 GAB heartbeat Issues

HellowWe are running VCS 2.0 on a two node (Sun Fire 280R) Cluster. Both these node have the same hardware 2 USIII CPUs and 4 Gig RAM.The Machines are absolutely slow in response. If we tail the engine log then some thing like this appear every now a...

Rajesh by Level 2
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