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Resolved! Getting Application Online with correct environment variables

Hello, I'm running Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster 5.0 on HP-UX 11.23. I'm using veritas to start application using Application agent. My script is executed as normal user (not root) and the script starts another java application. Problem is tha...

jani by Level 3
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Resolved! Doudt regrading the veritas5.1

hi, we have upgraded our veritas setup to 5.1 package. we have observed the following error codes are constantly  printed on my engine_A.log file. V-16-1-50086 Swap usage on t1000-5 is 91% V-16-2-13027  , V-16-2-13026 , V-16-2-13210. please ...

Resolved! VCS with 1 physical and 1 vsphere virtual machine

I am not sure if this has been discussed before, i have tried using the seach button. Anyway would like to ask if this is a supported configuration: SFHA for Windows to cluster a physical machine with a virtual machine sitting in a vsphere 4 ESX box....

Jeffrey_Ong by Level 3
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Resolved! cannot mount vxfs file system

Hi Friends, After adding kernal patch not able to mount the below file systems. root@wwdcssofa02$vxprint -htg wintshared_dg DG NAME         NCONFIG      NLOG     MINORS   GROUP-ID ST NAME         STATE        DM_CNT   SPARE_CNT         APPVOL_...

Resolved! Monitor timed exception coming for the veritas ha 5.1

hi, What will  the default monitor timed valued set in the clustering for HA 5.0 and 5.1 My project working fine for the 5.0 with the default time valued but when i migrate to 5.1 it is not working usually my agent will  take 20 minutes to get onli...

Resolved! IO Fencing compatibility in SFCFS 5.0MP3 for Linux

In SF Release Notes for Linux 5.0MP3, I can see "Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System (SFCFS) for Oracle RAC is not licensed to support the I/O Fencing feature." I am not sure if it is for SFCFS + RAC only or the entire SFCFS whatever with ...

lmiao by Level 4
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Resolved! Can anyone share the file with me?

Hi All, I would like to give you a brief description of the setup for your understanding. There two site Prodcution and Disaster Recovery. Production site has two Solaris Sparc system and DR site has one Solaris Sparc System. OS: Solaris 10 SF ver...

Dev_Roy by Level 6
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Resolved! initing status of remote cluster

Hi, my installation is two windows 2003 sp2 r2 system with Veritas Storage Foundation HA on each. I make primary and secondary clusters and just add on the primary cluster the secondary as the remote cluster by a wizard tool (add/delete remote cluste...

rawfish by Level 2
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Resolved! Three node cluster interconnect options?

Hello, I'm going to be implementing two different three node clusters to provide HA for a number of java application servers and their hosted applications. The current plan is to use two nodes of each cluster as the master for a subset of applicatio...

Resolved! VCS - Triggers - Tibco EMS

Gents, What is the best place to look for VCS triggers ? I am looking for one to manage Tibco EMS service. Regards, Kaps

Kaps by Level 3
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Veritas Cluster Exchange Server Upgrade....

Hi everyone, We have two node Vertias Claster Server and there are running Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Mailbox Role Recently we try to upgrade Exchange to SP2 and failed   First we Install SP2 on passive node, SP2 says installed and OK Switch...

HA/DR licensing question

Can anyone tell me if the ha/dr licensing is locked to the Solaris server hostid? I want to work out if an on site spare could be used as a replacement with the same license key, or would we need to pay for a separate license for a server that may ne...

markc123 by Level 0
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Resolved! Veritas Cluster Server IPv6 Support

Hi, I intent to install Veritas Cluster Server to two machines for failover of a Virtual IP Address between them.  Does anybody knows whether Veritas Cluster Server support IPv6?  Starting from which version did it support IPv6?  Where can I get the...

Resolved! How do I setup application monitoring in VCS?

Hello All, I am very new to VCS and I'm wondering if somebody out there can provide some pointers on how I would go about setting up application monitoring to handle stop/starts/status etc of of application services groups. Here is my situation....

GeorgeC by Level 4
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VCS HAFD application summary

Hi guys, i have some problems with this check in vos script. "VCS HAFD application summary"  show error but i dont understand which is the error. I can show you all the explanation, i hope somebody could help me: Check Name: VCS ...

sephora by Level 2
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Resolved! Oracle RAC and Split Brain Situation.

Folks, Any thoughts how does Oracle RAC handles Split Brain situation ? Might be this is a relative question with w.r.t two varied technologies .. but I assume its the best place to put this as Veritas is master in handling SPLIT BRAIN situation. ...