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help with AIX cluster noob question

Level 2
hey guys, im still kinda new at this but im having some trouble with an aix cluster. i have 3 servers.... lets call them X, Y and Z.

server Z is the main, so if i try and ssh to X or Y i get forwarded to server Z (im guessing port forwarding?).

but i actually want to get on to servers X and Y so i can take a look around. anyone know how i can get to it without being forwarded all over the place?

thanks in advance.


Level 3
Hi Riz,

Could you elaborate a bit more on the nodes installed software ? AIX and VCS versions for example. Do you have any information about the node interconnect setup?


Level 2
i really dont know alot about this, the only other thing i know is it is on AIX 5.3