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the resource group start after boot but it was freezed

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Hi guys.

I have a global cluster formed by two mini-clusters (each side with one node only).

RMTHB03S is the primary and MIVHB03S is the secondary

RMTHB03S:~ # hagrp -state
  #Group Attribute System Value
  AppService State MIVHB03SCluster:MIVHB03S |OFFLINE|
  AppService State localclus:RMTHB03S |ONLINE|
  ClusterService State localclus:RMTHB03S |ONLINE|
  VVRService State localclus:RMTHB03S |ONLINE|

the nodes are Virtual Machine with Suse and the virtualization is with VMware.

Veritas Volume Replication provides the data synchronization between RMTHB03S and MIVHB03S.

I wolud like to split the high availability and to stop the virtual machine in order to backup the secondary node MIVHB03S, after that to boot the virtual machine MIVHB03S and to rejoin the High Availability.

the question is that after the boot of the secondary node the resource group AppService starts also on the secondary node, so I have to stop it manually.

So I decided to freeze the resource group AppService on the secondary node after splitting the High Availability


MIVHB03S:~ # haconf -makerw 

MIVHB03S:~ # hagrp -freeze AppService -persistent 

MIVHB03S:~ # hagrp -display | grep AppService | grep Frozen
  AppService Frozen global 1 
  AppService TFrozen global 0

MIVHB03S:~ # haconf -dump -makero

but after the boot, the resource groups started because I noted that the resource group was not freezed (why ?).

Perhaps I have to freeze the resource group before splitting the High Availability and not after

Can you tell me something, please ?

regards and thanks in advance.





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I noted that before the freeze activity, the resource group was in PARTIAL state and not OFFLINE.


could be this the problem ?




I forgot the log files.



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I have moved your post in 'General Veritas' to a more appropriate forum. 


there are many ways to stop vcs from auto start in a system reboot


here are a few:

1. rename S99vcs  (to s99vcs)  (VCS service start up script name is dependent on the VCS version)

2. remove the system name from the service group AutoStartList

3. rename

4. hasys -freeze -persistent <system name>   (Freeze a system. No group configured on the frozen system can come online, whether manually, by failover, or by switching until the system is thawed)