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How to find out what version of Cluster server

HiWe are using Veritas HA on sun os 5.9 and I want to find out what version of Cluster Server we are using..What command can I use for finding version ?ThanksI just checked is this the right command?-- pkginfo  -l VRTSvcs--OUTPUT :  PKGINST:  VRTSvcs...

powerpath and vxfentsthdw

When trying to run the vxfentsthdw script, it cant find my powepath devices..VERITAS vxfentsthdw version 4.1 SolarisThe utility vxfentsthdw works on the two nodes of the cluster.The utility verifies that the shared storage one intends to use isconfig...

VCS 5.0 network agents with Solaris 10 IPMP

I need to know the current recommended best-practice for setting up service group network agents on servers that use Sun's Solaris 10 IPMP. Here's the scenario: I have 6 servers in a cluster. Each server has three IPMP head devices defined for networ...

solaris 10 and rsh/ssh SFRAC 4.1

we are running into problems with the installer, it says it cannot communitcate via rsh or ssh so it cannot communitcate with both nodes. However as root i can ssh passwordless and rsh passwordless. Is there a bug in this version of SFRAC?

VRTSsybed" and "VRTSdbed".

What we will be doing is taking a cluster (several in fact over the next few months) from this:  Storage Foundation Enterprise HA for Sybase (or in some cases, Database Edition HA for Sybase) to this:   Storage Foundation Enterprise HA for Oracle Wha...

Powerpath 5.1.0 compatibility with VCS 5.0

Dear All; I am having a problem with VCS 5.0 Cluster.When ever i reboot the nodes disk groups are not imported by VXVM ;when i enter vxdisk list,it is giving the message : VxVM vxdisk ERROR V-5-1-684 IPC failure:Configuration daemon is not accessible...

wajima0a by Level 3
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VCS Plugin for Oracle Grid Control

I just installed the VCS plugin for Grid Control and when the agent runs the program, VCS is prompting for a password to the VCS commands and no output is being generated in the VCS Plugin page.Message Edited by John Franklin on 11-21-2007 07:06 AM

Application Resource starting a process as root

I am running VCS 5.0MP1 Solaris 10.I have an application that I use the Application resource to start, stop, and monitor a process. The problem I have is that the application start script needs to be started as root because it starts up an inetd proc...

VCS 4.1 and Solaris 9 Issue

Hello,We are having an issue with VCS 4.1 3-node cluster running on Solaris 9 platform.The message we are getting in messages file isNov 12 10:33:31 <hostname> AgentFramework[19082]: [ID 702911 daemon.notice] VCS ERROR V-16-1-13027 Thread(17) Resourc...

vcs upgrade 2.0 to 5.0

Hi All, I want to upgrade from VCS 2.0 to 5.0    V880 x2, Solaris 8 release 10/01 Veritas Cluster 2.0, VxVm 3.2and VxFS 3.4, connected to EMC CX 500. VCS to be upgraded to 2.0 -> 3.5MP4(or)4.1 -> 5.0for VxVm 3.2  & VxFS 3.4 is it possible to upgrade ...

KSG by Level 4
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managing large number of devices

Is there a way to monitor all the volumes for a given diskgroup, without the need to create individual volume resources.  We have a requirement to add additional devices on a regular basis (sybase dataserver) and we don't want to stop/start (testing)...

LeeC by Not applicable
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Need VCS Help.

Hi All, In my project I have to configure the VCS server with two nods, I have some basic questions please help to get some ideas. I don’t have common storage between two nodes. In this situation can I configure the tow node cluster.I have UFS config...

CVMVolDg and CFSMount

I am trying to figure out how Cluster File System works in Veritas Cluster Server. I have a two node cluster (Solaris 10), installed with Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System 5.0. After the installation, the cvm servie group is online on bo...