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Backup and Restore of DI files and folders

Level 2

Want to know the process of Backup and Restore of DI files and folders during any upgrade or activity. I mean what are the important configuration files or Node related files.



If I want to completely replicate the old environment in to a  new  DI environment with the backuped files.


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified


Let us look at this in a couple of ways. If you were to want a DR solution where a backup of the worker node could be restored into the environment on replacement hardware on a per node aspect we would need a plan. That said we have to define the environment from the perspective of the application. We can assume you will backup the whole server with platform, applications, network information and restore to the new replacement server. Good enough however we have a few caveats.

First the application itself needs a master controller and reporting location to store the 'environment' and it must be present for other 'worker' nodes to report to. Assuming true, then restore the server and upon start up it will report in and be the server it replaced.

Your question seems to ask where are the important configuration and individualization files for each node?

The application would have configuration of the application stored in the installation directory (installdir) which defaults to C:\Program Files\DataInsight in the most recent versions. We have a conf folder that has the specific properties files and under bin the options files are process specific. All edits to change the configuration should have been documented by your DataInsight (DI) Administrator and can easily be duplicated if not backed up but are for specific reasoning and not applicable to every server in every case. The other location of configuration, data and specifics is under what we refer to as the Datadir and is even more important. By default we store that under C:\DataInsight\data.

There is a required symbiotic relationship between the worker nodes and the master configuration that needs to be maintained or the environment will be broken. Hence a backup of all data worker nodes that is synchronized in time is necessary across the environment to ensure the appropriate relationships are maintained. A restore of server(s) that result in the same network (IP, etc.), host configuration (name, DNS, NDIS) is as simple as above but multiple servers must be from the same time and iteration as the master. With Veritas Support's assistance you could likely coordinate older worker nodes with a Master server but for the lowest risk and safety against data loss the time sync is important.

Obviously there will be times where you only have servers fail and not environments. Also out of sync restores, Name changes, IP network moves or hardware transfers will come into play in any large environment. In those case by case changes Veritas Support has anticipated many of your requirements and built solution documents within our knowledgebase under the DI Support page.

Examples are saved response files to all for all installs of a worker node type to be identical is configuration but unique in name / location.

Worker node specific details such as:

How to backup and restore the Data Insight Collector

How can I restore communication between Collector and Windows agent after reinstalling the Collector...

How to move a filer from one indexer to another in Data Insight

I encourage you to research the various component moves or worker node recovery options already documented. In assisting of your understanding the DI environment we can point out the logic to follow and method of restore for the different components when ensuring the network is prepared and the communications are properly in place to move a worker node with established responsibilities such as:

How Data Insight works, and the ports that it uses for communication with devices

 Personally I believe any large wholesale moves or changes to an environment should be planned from the perspective of any affected application and Data Insight is no different. Veritas has experience professional services, Systems's Engineers assigned to your account team and Trusted Advisor in Enterprise Support second to none in the applications we provide to our customers. If you need assistance in planning the Backup / DR of your environment for the DI application or combination Veritas Solution offering you have deployed feel free to reach out the resources we have available to you if the knowledgebase does not provide you the answer with ease.


Hopefully that assists in answering your question?