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DLO 8.0 Agent backing up data that is not selected

Level 2

We use DLO to backup individual workstations in our DNA/RNA lab environment.  We use a default profile for a user that backs up 'My Documents and 'Desktop'.  We then modify the backup selections for each workstation.  We have 2 workstations that are backing up data in folders that are not part of the default profile and are not part of the modified selections.  We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the agent, we have tried deleting the computer objects in DLO, but neither of these have resolved the issue.

Any suggestions?


Level 4

Can you tell me what data it's backing up which was not supposed to be backed up?

If possible is it possible to share the userdata.xml file from one of the client machine. This file would be present at (C:\Users\<username>\Appdata\Local\Symantec\DLO\.settings)


We no longer want to backup anything that is in ProgramData of Chem32 directories.  Attached is a copy of out userdata.xml.

Thanks for your help!