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Useful Desktop and Laptop Links

Adminstrator's Guide (EN) 9.5Best PracticesQuick Reference Guide for DLO Installation and ConfigurationInstall PrerequisitesSoftware Compatibility ListHardware Compatibility ListSizing CalculatorQualification Details with Cloud Service Providers (Mic...

klauskresnik by Moderator
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Resolved! Backup Over the Internet

Hi! Is it possible for DLO to connnect to BE Server over the Internet and update backup files?  I need to update my Laptop Users Backup using DLO. Thanks.

Resolved! DLO 7 service account change

Hello, We recently installed Symantec Desktop and laptop option 7 at one of our customers. We currently use one service account for every communication (database, software service, storage service, client agent pushing). They would like to change thi...

nicholavdv by Level 2
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Resolved! DLO - Disaster Recovery

It is possible to Backup a complete image of the machine and then run a disaster recovery with DLO? For now I just backup files and folders, but I don't find a way to backup the state of the machine. Thx for the comments.

lukassc by Level 5
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Resolved! Symantec DLO 7.5 release date ETA

Would like an ETA on the release date for DLO 7.5 as we are running Lotus Notes 8.5.x (8.5.1 primarily) and we would like to have an active backup solution for the nsf files located on the user's desktops/laptops.

DLO Cleanup

We only use the network backup option for DLO. But noticed that the backup just increases over time. Files that are not on the users machine are retained on the network backup. Some are more than a year old. I have changed what I think are retension ...

Alsway by Level 2
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Selections In Subdirectories

If I have a folder structure such as this ... MY DOCUMENTS -->folderA -->folderB -->folderC   I have MY DOCUMENTS set to back up with subfolders, with 3 local revisions, but I want to set folderC to have 1 local revision. Can that be done?  

Resolved! Restore failes

Hi there,   when doing a restore of a deleted folder, it will work only when removing the tag " Keep security information". When doing it with default settings i will get an error that i have not the propper access rights to the files. Any idea what ...

System recovery using ghost32

  hello guys, im having a problem with my netbook... i guess it has a virus that  is why i am trying to format it .... i tried using system restore then it launches ghost32 .. after that it saids "you will loose all data during system recovery"...