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Over the weekend I needed to do some testing with reasonable amounts of random FSA Data.  The following little download will help with this sort of task if you ever need to do it in your own environment, and don't want to use 'real' files.

You will see in the VBScript file that there are a couple of interesting parameters...


- firstly there is a parameter for how many files will be created.  Change that up to 10000 or higher, once you've run the tool a couple of times to see how it works.


- secondly is the random size of each file, you'll see a line like this:


size = int ( ( 10240 - 500 + 1 ) * Rnd + 500) '500 Kb to 10 Mb


You can see that there are two places to adjust the lower-size, and one place for the upper-size.


Working for

Not wanting to take away from your tool Rob but just wanted to add a little something too.


I created something similar which may help some. You have the option of creating 4 different kinds of files (txt / xls / csv / doc) or just one type if that is what you need, all random sizes filled with random data.


Simply double click the exe from anywhere and give it the path to where you want folders/files created. If you want a random amount of folders and files or if you want to dictate how many of each you want, then off it goes. It isn't the fastest in the world but it works for what I needed.



Good stuff, thanks for adding.