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With the release of NBU, we have added the support SharePoint 2013 to NBU SharePoint Agent.

spprobe2013.exe is a tool to enumerate the SharePoint 2013 farm and aid troubleshooting. This is on the lines of earlier tools for previous versions of sharepoint.

Usage -

spprobe2013 [-help] [-farm] [-granular] [-webapp ["url"] ] [-sql] [-services] [-listitems] [-help] [-user ["userAccount"] ] [-servapp] [-farmadmins].

-help      : Provides help on the tool usage.

-farm      : Gets information about the compete SharePoint farm.

-granular  : Gets detailed information about the compete SharePoint farm.

-webapp    : Provides information about the webapp specified as the next argument.

-sql       : Opens up an SQL interface to write queries to interact with SQL backend.

-services  : Provides the list of services running on each server in the farm.

-listitems : Gets detailed information all items in the list, including permissions.

-user      : Validates if the passed user is a Farm Administrator.

-servapp   : Gets detailed information of Shared Service Applications along with Service Application Database access and status.

-farmadmins: Get the list of all the farm administrators in the sharePoint farm.



Gaurav Kaushal


Thank you...this is very helpful tool !!

is this tool embedded in netbackup 7.6?