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VMware Instant Recovery Java Console GUI

Please Note: This is not an “official” download and as such is not a Symantec supported tool. Use at your own risk. I would like to share and make available a home made solution developed by Symantec Consulting Brazil, a graphical user interface to ...

SCARPARO-br by Not applicable
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SharePoint Configuration Troubleshooter.

Hey Guys, I am back with a new tool that helps in troubleshooting Netbackup SharePoint Agent Configurations. SharePoint Configuration Troubleshooter (SPCT.exe ) is a GUI based tool that will help the support and customers troubleshoot issue related...

Performance Tuner for Backup Exec VMware backups

Symantec Backup Exec offers the possibility to back up virtual machines from a VMware vSphere environment directly by the hypervisor. To increase the performance of these backups, it is possible to manipulate the number and the size of the buffers, ...

CarolineKiel by Level 6
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Symantec Backup exec 2010 SP3

Dears, I’m just try the new update for backup exec 2010 sp3, to backup windows server 2012 system state, after backup done I get the below pic. Do I need to keep that folder (IMG000007) or I should keep it? And why it appear?

spprobe2013.exe - SharePoint 2013 farm probe tool.

Hi, With the release of NBU, we have added the support SharePoint 2013 to NBU SharePoint Agent. spprobe2013.exe is a tool to enumerate the SharePoint 2013 farm and aid troubleshooting. This is on the lines of earlier tools for previous versio...

Script to Configure VSS as a Snapshot Provider

Hello Guys, I think you would have looked at my Article "Low Disk Space" and some of you may intersted in enabling VSS as a Snapshot Provider. But you may lazy and worry to to do this...

NetBackup and _vxfiVspCacheFile

NetBackup has an add on called 'OTM' this stands for Open Transaction Manager and it backs up open files by copying them byte for byte into a special file called _vxfiVspCacheFile. Sometimes NetBackup does not do the decent thing and delete this file...

Script to Count the SQL DB's backed up in Daily manner

Script to Count the SQL DB's backed up in Daily manner Guidelines: 1. Create a file D:\Servers.txt with List of Clients 2. Open the script file and change the line below as per your installed path. Set objExec = objShell.Exec("SETX HOMEPATH D:\Progra...