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Connect Update #2

 Hi all - a few days ago I wrote about several changes we made in response to feedback this community provided.  Today, we're making several additional changes that I want to make you aware of.

One of the biggest concerns with Connect has been how to navigate to and post forum discussion threads.  We created a very flexible architecture that allowed you to post a forum discussion in more than one product board.  Unfortunately, this caused some confusion.  So, starting today, we are making a few changes to the forums to make them behave more like a traditional forum.  This will, of course, result in the loss of some of that fancy multi-tag functionality, but based on your feedback, ease of navigation is more important.  You asked for it, you got it.  Here's what we are doing:

FORUM LISTING PAGES:  Previously we had one listing page of forum threads for each community.  You would filter based on the product you were interested in.  This was confusing for many of you.  So, we are changing this to a traditional board-based navigation.  You'll select the product you are interested in and ONLY see those products in the list.  You will no longer be able to switch products using the drop-down selector

BREADCRUMBS: Several of you wanted to know how to get back to the list of forum posts you were viewing.  We've added breadcrumb paths to the top of forum detail pages.

imagebrowser image

FORUM PRODUCT SELECTION: Selecting multiple products for a forum thread caused some confusion so in the forums area, you are now restricted to posting the thread to one product board.  You can still tag with multiple topics and versions.  This restriction to one product ONLY applies to forums.  Articles, blogs, videos and other content types can be tagged with more than one product.

NOTIFICATIONS:  Several of you wanted to get e-mail notifications for any new content on a particular product.  We haven't had time to build it directly into the interface in a nice pretty way, but you can now go to the profile area, click the "notifications" button, select "tags."  Then just select which products you'd like to receive e-mail notifications about. (I realize this is rather difficult, we're working on making it easier to get to, but wanted to get the functionality out before we took the time to style it).

imagebrowser image

TIME ZONE SELECTOR: In your profile area you can select which time zone you are in.

MY ACTIVITY: We've added a "my activity" area to the user menu at the top of the page where you can see all your content and how many new comments there are on each.  You can also choose the "all activity" tab on this page and see the newest content across the entire site.

imagebrowser image

We are working on several additional features.  Stay tuned for more details.


 cguinn75 - In your profile area (the "me" menu at the top of the page) click the "edit" button at the top of the screen.  You should be able to change your profile name there.

eshwar - That appears to be a new bug.  I'm going to do some research and see if we can get it fixed.

@ .peter Wouldn't it help with the "stying logged in" when you just change all links in the e-mails to www-secure instead of www? Certainly it does help in the browser if you don't get the "reply" box on the bottom. (replace www with www-secure) /Michel

I'm adapting to navigating this site, but there are still some changes I'd like to see.

If I navigate to a post before logging in, and then login, I'd like to be redirected to the post I originally navigated to.

I'd like to see a return to the forums/board organization that was in STN. The search capabilities here are returning too much clutter.  There are still dozens of unanswered posts that are buried in the jumble.  I think more of these posts could get answered if the folks who are familiar with the different aspects of a product could browse directly in those categories.  Some of the samples I remember form the BESR forum were SRD creation, Disaster Recovery--Recovery to different hardware, Installation, Licensing issues.  It might make it more difficult to cross post an issue, but prhaps this could be compensated for in the "Symantec Suggests" column on the right side.  As a member develops a history for participating in certain forums, the info displayed in "Symantec Suggests" could be tailored to reflect that member's expertise and participation interests. The possibility of a post  getting some response would probably increase too.  There are members who would want to opt out of such a tailoring, so they should be given the option to do so.

marcogsp - great suggestions.  We're currently working to make sure you get redirected to the page you started on when you log in.  It's my biggest annoyance right now!  The other suggestion you make is also valid.  I've added it to the list of considerations for our next forum update.

MichelZ - That's a good suggestion.  we're working out a few issues with the notification system as a whole so hopefully we can fix a bunch of these at the same time.

having trouble running manual base back up task with data being sent across the network to a backup comuter. crashes on image

sending it local it run but it takes 6 hours for a simple bckup


speed 53mb/min total 5 hours sounds alful slow to me


See the SEP 11 Migration Guide, it come on the CD/downloads as well.

@meraj2k: You should discuss this matter in the Endpoint Protection Forums: Your question will be answered much faster there. This thread is for Feedback to the Connect site. Cheers Michel
As instructed previously, I have edited my "Tags" to send notifications immediately, yet I am not receiving any emails whenever posts/comments/replies are made.  Am I missing something?  I'm specifically wanting notifications anytime posts are made to particular forums.

imagebrowser image

I do not receive notifications for new forum posts, too. Only when subscribed to a thread, I get them for individual "comments". Right now, I'm subscribed to the RSS feed of the Forum I want to monitor. See here: Cheers Michel
the new site isnt helping. I've been looking for something in packaging but nothing comes up..all I see is backup, ghost blah blah in the search results. and why is packaging sitting under Endpoint and Virtualization?.

Please bring the classic back.
Regarding notifications - this is a known issue that we are working on.  Here's what's happening:  Due to spam risks, we turned off auto publishing on articles, videos and downloads.  When somebody submits one of these three content types it gets reviewed by a moderator then published.  If notifications are sent out immediately when one of these items is submitted, people would click the link and get to a "page not found error" because the item would still be in moderator review.  So, we had to turn off notification when new items are submitted.  

We are working to modify the notification module to send out an e-mail notification only when the item moves to a published status.  I don't have a date yet, but it is on the top of our list.
People aren't getting notifications? I wonder if the Aclient Message Dispatcher Service is running on Symantec Connect Notification Server. Someone should probably check it.

But on a serious note, is it possible to add new post counters next to each product section on the forums frontpage? Something similar to the 'My activity' since last visit thing. With a lack of a "recent postings" section, this would at least be better than how it is now. The popular discussions section is the only thing even close to this.

Also why is there a section for CMS, then separate sections for DS and NS? This is just going to confuse users and end up making it difficult to organize and follow posts.

Besides the forum and its poor layout, navigation, and utterly confusing terms/naming, the site is coming around.
I'm new here.

How do I log out?

How do I change my login information?

This goes into some kind of loop when I try to use Firefox.

Will I receive notifications of new posts?
Please stop posting technical questions on this thread!  This thread is specifically for feedback on the Connect site.  If you need to create a new thread about SAV, please do so here:

Go there and click the blue "Start a new discussion" button.

Thank you!
How does one subscribe to a thread without clicking "save" and also posting a blank reply to a thread?
i believe most of the login issues are fixed by cconnect team.
now i am able to browse the pages easliy
nice work team Smiley Happy

Hi, I try to remove en entry I create, and I do not find how to? I was thinking be advise to uncheck both "group" and "public" box, but in fact it is like making "public"... So long, no way to delete?
=> OK back 2nd april: I was able to delete... don't ask how, I forgot (using tracking part perhaps?)

Hi Sachs, just take a look in the menu up right, clic en "me" ! Yes I know, there is a missing help. But who are reading help guide, less 10% ? ;-)
Hi Larry, I think 1 clic should not be too much to subscribe a thread ? isn't it? :-P Yes, must clic "Save" !
You can also subscribe to a thread by clicking the "subscribe to this post" link at the bottom of the original forum post (not the individual comments).  See the screenshot here:

imagebrowser image

Unfortunately we use Altiris at our work place and I am invloved in the rebuild we do not have enough budget to hire somebody to do all the work. So I am having to consult online forums to finish up rest of the work. Working wtih Altiris is just not fun and is very frustrating...and just at the point when I was going to use the forums a lot..this change in the SymConnect came through...and I am getting nowhere. This forum is fully messed up..a search for Notification Server Security Roles brings up nothing even remotely clsoe to my search. Please advise if there are any better places to search for Altiris info. I no longer want to visit this forum. Why is Altiris sitting under Endpoint and Virtualization..doesnt sound to me at all. All it does is confuses people.

Thanks for all your help with the classis forum. it was great.

never coming back.

Guys What I miss is a feature where you can define "assisted solutions". Sometimes, multiple comments in a forum lead to the definitive solution, and it would be great if they could be marked as such for fast spotting. Cheers Michel
Guys, for everyone who is missing the "old" forum, and wants to take a last look before it dies: Smiley Wink Smiley Wink
More details on what is coming in Connect 1.1 is available by clicking here
Thanks a lot for all this information, I need it to do something

Thanks again

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