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Integrated Backup Appliances > Target Backup Appliances (The Competition Agrees!)

Integrated Backup Appliances > Target Backup Appliances (The Competition Agrees!)

Industry analyst IDC classifies Purpose Built Backup Appliances (PBBA) into two sub-categories, Integrated Backup Appliances (IBA) and Target Backup Applinaces (TBA).  The primary goal of the IBA is to provide a turnkey solution that simplifies the implementation process, while also providing a better ongoing support experience for both the hardware and software together.  While the TBA (introduced in the early 2000s to solve a backup-to-disk problem) still requires other pieces of the backup puzzle (like data mover software) to be effective. MDP- VOX blog images 5.png

The IBA submarket has been dominated by Veritas in recent years with NetBackup Appliances.  The other half of the PBBA market (the TBA submarket), is led by another industry leader, Dell EMC.  However, Dell EMC recently announced at their annual customer conference in Las Vegas that Integrated Backup Appliances are the way forward.  This stark change in stance is an acknowledgement that the benefit of the IBA better solves customer challenges around operational efficiency, flexible performance and scalability, while at the same time trying to reduce overall costs.  The Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) is not a radically new solution, however.  It is basically Data Domain systems in a rack with DELL PowerEdge servers and most of the preexisting EMC Data Protection Suite for Backup.  Obviously, a direct response to the success of Veritas Integrated Appliances.  We “REALIZE” imitation is the biggest form of flattery.  Game on.  See you on the playing field. 

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I welcome you to comment and share your thoughts and opinions on IBA vs TBA (or something else relevant). Stay tuned as I share a monthly series sharing ways Veritas is leading the way and beating the competition.