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Do you use PowerShell with Enterprise Vault?

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Powershell appears to be the admin scripting language of choice nowadays and we have been gradually introducing support for our own Enterprise Vault specific cmdlets over the past few years and releases. However, it can often be the case with product enhancements, that these small but useful changes may well pass you by and the evolution of Powershell for Enterprise Vault is one that may well fit that criteria.

With the release of Enterprise Vault 11, the documentation team were tasked with producing a guide to the various available PS cmdlets and the fruits of their labour can be found here -

So, if you have not had the chance to take a look at this, it is worth a read as there may well be the answer in there to automating one of those time consuming admin or reporting tasks that you need to perform with your Enterprise Vault environment on a regular basis.

If you are already using any of these cmdlets in your environment, then we would love to hear why and how here on this blog so that we can see the benefits of these enhancements and understand their deployment in the real world.

We will try and show some useful examples of own usage of these cmdlets in future blogs as well.