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Resolved! API/SDK support?

We currently have a EV 11.x environment and have utilized the API/SDK guides from Veritas (Symantec) for allowing a in house application to be able to search against the EV index/vault and return data.  All is well and working.  We are not considerin...

aschnarrs by Level 4
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EV.Cloud Mailbox

i was wondering if someone can explain i general term what Mailbox can do? i have been reading about it and would like to know a little bit more such as does it works for exchange on prem as well office 365?2. in case the exchange se...

Outlook Web Folder

Hi, we have rolled solution out to approx 1000 users but getting complaints about speed of access through Outlook web folder. Operates better when you browse through IE direct, anyone else experience something similar. We also sometimes get issues w...

DBMul by Level 2
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Resolved! Folder Sync with O365

Hi All,   I have a small question about Folder Sync.   Background: Many users in many companies worldwide, our company included, just love using Outlook as a filing cabinet.   This can cause all sorts of issues in case a mailbox grows to 50GB+ ...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Cloud - Implementation in Australia

Hi, I'm looking for someone to assist in purchasing and implementing Enterprise Vault.Cloud for O365 here in Australia.  I've been in contact with the local telco reseller Telstra but the sales assistant was very unhelpful. We're based in Melbourne...

Exported Archive did not accept password

we are exporting emails from EV.Cloud, while exporting it ask to enter password and confirm the password and download the zip file, but if we open the zip file it does not accept the password.. appreciate response if anyone had faced this .. regard...

farhanparkar by Level 2
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Resolved! Journal Skype for business 365 IMs (Outlook 2007)

Hello All,    Does anyone know if it is possible to journal Skype for business (Office365) in the same way that we are journaling Exchange Online?  From what I have heard, there is no way to include the "Conversation History" folder in Outlook 2007...

Page Layout - how to hide the west pane permanently?

My organization uses Folder Sync with enterprise personal archive and I find tags way more useful than digging through folders. For me, folder sync is a waste of my attention and screen space.  Is there a way to hide it permanently? I no...

Amerist by Not applicable
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