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A1 Message queue 400,000 messages

Level 4

So over this past Long weekend here, we let the EV server loose and it started to archive everyone.  Finally today I think I see where we had a problem, I believe the transaction log drive on the SQL server for Enterprise vault filled up.


So here is my situation.  I have most of my users with most of their archived messages with that clock icon because they are waiting to be archived.  The actual message is not in the ev server vault yet, they are all in the A1 queue.  I have increased the volume size for the SQL logs to try and avoid this now, on a normal archiving weekend, It shouldnt have been a problem, just there was A LOT of archiving to happen that weekend before it hit the next backup.  What is the best way for me to get out of this 400,000 message queue mess?  If I purge the queue, will it automatically retry them all again?  I'm worried about having no messages in the queue and all the clients still having the clock icon on those messages.


Thanks for the help!


Level 6




What makes you known the items have not been stored?  The reason I say this is a1 normally contains item that have been stored successfully and so this a1 request is to turn the item into a shortcut, or it's an 'operation failed' because storage service had a problem (which should mean you end up with errors in the event log.


So why isn't the number on a1 coming down?  I would get a dtrace of the archivetask for say 10 minutes and send that to support.