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A6 Queue not going down

Hi there,

We are in the midst of a huge migration project in which a lot of PST files are imported.
Our archiving task runs from 6 in the evening till midnight. We notice in the MSMQ queues that the server is quite busy and that queues are filling and going down.

However we notice that the A6 queue is not going down.

Should I be concerned, or just give it time?
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Re: A6 Queue not going down

A6 Queue is to update the folder with the items that as been moved inside a mailbox .In older version version this que was used for Syncronization . You can Probably purge the queue .

Re: A6 Queue not going down

If you decide to purge, remember to stop the Storage and Taks controller services to avoid the Event log spam.
Before pruging you could try to restart the Admin service and see if you can bring it to life.

A6 is, as RahulG state the Synchronisation queue and be default EV does syncs at midnight and midday. EV will process the queues hierarchically so A1 takes precedence over A2 and so on, A5 is different so ignore that as it only processes during the scheduled run. So if A1 A2 A3 or A4 contain data EV will try to get them done before A6.

Re: A6 Queue not going down

Be careful about purging the A6 queue. This queue is used for updating shortcuts, each shortcut tracks how many times the update was attempted, eventually it will reach the maximum and stop trying.

What folder are you importing the PST's to? do you have a retention category for that folder? Is it the same retention as the other items in your inbox?

What option are you using in the policy in regard to updating shortcuts?

disable 'update moved shortcut location;

Best option is to disable the moved shortcuts location update. Migrate first, then gradually enable this.
Regards. Gertjan

Re: A6 Queue not going down


How many items are there in this queue. If ites are less than 2000 then i would say give time to get it reduced.