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After DR - Retreivals Won't work

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Hey guys,
Here's a mysterious one. After a DR scenario, wherein we changed the name of the EV directory machine, archival and searching works...but we can't do manual restores from the vault. We ran through the DR procedure in the published guide (including updating DNS, checking exchange, restoring all the index, vaults, etc to the previous locations). From an outlook client, we can see archived items, run archive explorer, run searches, and see all the items in the vault. However, when we attempt a manual restore we get an error,

"the archive service is currently not running. Please try again later."

if we try to get the restore from a web page we get another error akin to:

Can not restore, the server returned an error.

So here's the nasty part of this whole thing...there's nary an event in the eventlog to help me, even with full logging turned on. I'm going to try and run a dtrace...and I've scoured the SQL db's to try and find some place that indicates that I'm still pointing to the wrong server (which my gut tells me I am). So anybody have a clue? Ghost? Somebody come bail me out. :)


Level 6
Partner Accredited
Hello guys,
Worked with the Aussie tech support guys last night, and lemme tell you they're up to speed on EV6.0sp1. Anyhow, for the record here's the fix (Thanks John!!!!).

Symptom: After DR, clients can archive items but not restore.

Cause: Even tho the SQL cleanup script (quoted in the DR procedure of the admin guide) ran successfully, the MSMQ installation and mailbox archving tasks did not create the appropriate r1, r2 restore queues (just the a1-6).

Fix: Stop all services, uninstall msmq, run the SQL cleanup script again, delete the default mailbox archiving task, run the SQL cleanup script again (just to be sure), install msmq, install the default mailbox archiving task, configure the archiving task to your liking, restart all services. Check the queue afterwards and you should see the r1,r2 queues installed. Restores should work normally now.