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EV6.0SP1 Which Outlook? Which MAPI DLL?

Which Outlook client does Enterprise Vault 6.0 SP1 require?The following KB article implies Outlook2003 with SP2 is now supported. Where as this KB article implies it is not.


Hi,I have been getting error for Storage Foundations Flashsnap License on my Directory service computer & An unexpected error occurred when cleaning up snapshot volumes. Confirm that all snapped volumes are correctly resynchronized with the original ...

Resolved! Where's DA's SQL settings at?

Hey folks, I moved my SQL server to a new box, and reconfigured the EV5.0 environment to point to it. What I couldn't get pointed rightly was the DiscoveryAccelerator piece. Can anybody point me to the xml file that controls this setting? The...

Resolved! cscript owauser.wsf fails with error

Hello everyone,Windows Server 2003 SP1Enterprise Vault 6.0 SP1When I run cscript I get a popup window labeled WebApp and it states "Failed to update IIS metabase" "Error: 5:" "Invalid Procedure call or argument"There is also an entry in the system ev...

Duplicate LegacyDN & old Vaults

An interesting scenario, let me try to explain quickly & simply.It appears that when you enable a new mailbox with EVPM and a previous mailbox had the same LegacyDN value, the new mailbox will be enabled but assigned to the old vault. This may have o...

Glenn_Martin by Level 6
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Resolved! Quota based archiving question.

We are using quota based archiving, and our policy archives a mailbox until it has 10% of its storage limit free. It appears that EV acts on any mailbox which is within 10% of the quota. (i.e: Our quotas are 200,000 KB, and when the mailbox reaches 1...

Outlook 2003 SP2 No Reading Pane

I have Outlook 2003 SP2 clients with the full extensions loaded (SP1). Archived items will not display in the preview pane. This also happens in OWA, EV 6 SP1, Exchange 2003 SP2 running on Windows Server 2003.Any help, ideas, prayers would be appre...

MKJ by Level 4
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Journal Auditing.. Missing Audit Option

Hi,We would like to enable auditing on anything or one that searches our journal archive.In the help it says "In the left pane of the Administration Console, right-click the Directory and, on the shortcut menu, click Enable Auditing."The thing is, we...

Anonymous Billing account

Hello,As I work for an university we don't want to cancel any archived item when a user is leaving us. It could turn out to be really important research results....I would like to know if anybody knows a way to transfer in CAB file ( then to band) al...

dcom VS http EV6 Client

User Extension & Self-Install User Extension?What's the difference between both plug-in Outlook Extension?

Lu_K by Level 4
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Resolved! Converter Sandbox

Do any of you know exactly what the EVConverterSandbox.exe process does?I tried looking in the EV documentation but found nothing. There are times during the day were this process pegs the CPU and Memory on our EV server. Also, there seems to be betw...


Is there a way to get an annual usage report for a specified year?

Resolved! Web App URL in Multiple EV Enviroment

In our enviroment we have multiple EV Servers (7) for load balancing purposes, Building block methology has been used, creating directory services on each EV server. However the problem i have is that in the Site Setting, which applies to the entier ...

Changing IP on Exchange

We need to change the IP address to a different subnet on one of our Exchange servers, which is also an OWA back-end server. Are there any Enterprise Vault concerns with regards to OWA (or anything else) about doing this?EV 5, SP5Exchange 2003, SP2Wi...

Vanishing Support(ers)

Good to see Symantec's employees remove themselves from the Leader board.Does this mean that they are going to stop contributing from now on?I hope not.

Error while Upgrading

I'm upgrading EV from 5.0 SP5 to EV 6.0. When the install gets to about 85%, I get an error that says:Bad Status (-1) from Do(SelfRegistration)and says it cannot register snapin.dll, and IndexClient.dllCan someone help?Exchange 2003, SP2Windows 2003...